Safe, Friendly, Challenging, & Fun All Rolled Into One

Our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes are designed to give you all the basic skills, techniques, training routines, and confidence to properly and effectively overcome real life violent situations when on the ground. You will learn how to both safely defend yourself and control any attacker of any size. That's the beauty of our Brazilian Jiujitsu. It is a great combination to compliment with our world-class Tae Kwon Do program which is mostly a standup fighting art, and is also a course requirement for our Krav Maga students in order to become well-rounded in mixed-martial arts to overcome any real life threatening situation. Plus, our instructors help you stay fit, and get in great shape while you feel more flexible and stronger every day. As you get to enjoy our Jiu-jitsu sessions, you eventually take your fitness goals to another level. Our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu sessions are clean, safe, family oriented and friendly, fun, and you'll get a great workout!

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes catering to all your self defense needs

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is the ideal self-defense because most fights end up on the ground. Only by mastering a few basic moves can you very well save your life and that of your loved ones. We help you master the most offensive Jiu-Jitsu moves for your self-defense.