What is Haedong Gumdo?

Haedong refers to the East Sea (Sea of Japan). Kumdo refers to the Way of the Sword. Hangook (Korea) Haedong Kumdo, therefore, explicitly denotes sword forms that are of Korean origin. The main difference between kendo and kumdo is that kendo style swordsmanship is more suited for one on one duels practicing with bamboo swords while standing face to face, while kumdo is more like kenjutsu and Iaido, which are meant for combat swordsmanship to fight off multiple opponents practicing with more realistic swords in order to perfect control of the sword in all types of real combat situations.

Haedong Gumdo Develops Mind & Body

Our Haedong Gumdo (swords) classes is a great total body workout. Haedong Kumdo is essentially both a combat and fitness art because it requires footwork to attack and defend with precise timing and coordination. Thus you will develop incredible balance, speed, agility and lower body strength. Wielding a sword and using it to block and strike with speed, strength, and accuracy requires much upper body, torso and core dexterity. Naturally, your focus, hand-eye coordination and upper-body strength and flexibility will also improve greatly. Haedong Gumdo (swords) classes offers total mind and body fitness.