What is Haedong Kumdo?

In Haedong Kumdo, one performs justice with the sword light received at daybreak from the glorious and dazzling sunlight glowing over the east sea. Haedong Kumdo is a martial art from Kokuryo, an ancient Korean region.

Created by Saul-Bong-Sun-In, who knew the sword's true values. He set up a training camp and advised his followers to get rid of evil and practice righteousness. The warriors who trained in the camp were called Samurang, and the Samurangs' philosophy were: Jun (Respect), Sa (Master), Chung (Importance), Do (The Right Way), Chung (Love for our Country), Who (Reverence for Parents), Ye (Respect for Elders), Ui (Do Good and Right Things).

Haedong Kumdo classes that take care of your total body fitness

For good health and great fitness, choose our Haedong Kumdo (swords) classes. It's about using the sword and body and mind coordination and mastering the art of intercepting the next move of your opponent while being able to defend it with dexterity. The footwork involved in Haedong Kumdo (swords) offers a superior form of fitness drills that are good for improving one's focus and overall health. If you want to wield a sword and have a passion for staying fit, our Haedong Kumdo (swords) classes offers total body fitness to perfecting the most complex moves Haedong Kumdo (swords). You will get to learn this combat and fitness sport form from our most efficient and experienced instructors.