Haidong Gumdo

You will learn:

I.  Sword Basics (Beg to Adv):  Stances, Cuts, Blocks, Forms, Theory, Mind & Body Conditioning

II.  Cutting Techniques: Perfect techniques by using authentic forged steel swords to cut various materials

III.  Sparring Drills: Practical application and exercise of techniques & strategy using both wood and padded swords.

Most of all, it’s A LOT of FUN, so cool to do, and great exercise for any age level! 

II.    History of Haedong Gumdo:
(as compiled in the Martial Arts Database www.mardb.com)

The true principles of Haidong Gumdo to execute justice with the sword light that is obtained at the break of day from majestic and brilliant sunlight that glows over the east sea. Haidong Gumdo is a martial art that originates from an ancient Korean country called Kokuryo.

Founded by Saul-Bong-Sun-In who has understood the true principles of the sword. He established a training camp and instructed his disciples Haidong Gumdo so they could rid evil and practice righteousness.  The warriors who went trough training in the camp were named Samurang and ideology of the Samurangs were: Jun (Respect), Sa (Master), Chung (Importance), Do (The right way), Chung (Love for our country), Whoo (Reverence for ones parents), Ye (Respect for ones elders), Ui (Do good and right things).

These Samurangs with their knowledge of Haidong Gumdo and DO were a great help for the great king Kuangeto to castigate the aggressive neighboring countries and contributed a great amount for Kokuryo to be a strong nation with a vast territory.

Kokuryo’s Samurang system was introduced long before the knighthood of Paekjea and the Hwarangdo of Sila and was used to bring up many talented men and confirmed the basis of a nation. Amurangs also aided Kokuryo’s general Ulgymunduk to defeat 2 million invaders from the country Su (One of ancient Chinese countries)Which was never done before in history, and defeated 600 thousand Chinese invaders with the Il-dang-beak (one for a hundred) combative spirit and kept peace and justice and also left ;behind a valuable spiritual pride to the descendants.

Haidong Gumdo was a very valuable asset but due to the passing age and many reasons such as Japanese invasions, the martial artists left society and started to live hidden away in mountains, and after Hideyoshi invasion of Korea in 1592, Japanese Kendo took root in Korea. But due to our new campaign to bring back traditional martial arts, nowadays many traditional martial arts are laying roots again in Korea.

But still there are martial artists who live in mountains training traditional martial arts. Living a lifetime keeping only a few disciples to keep on the tradition. Amongst those martial arts, Haidong Gumdo is a traditional martial art instructed by Grand master Jang Beak San about 40 years ago in an outskirt mountain to the current World Haidong Gumdo Federation president Kim Jeong Ho.

Haidong Gumdo is based on techniques for war and one warrior against many others which is different when compared with Japanese Kendo which the techniques are based on a 1 on 1 combat. Also when one looks at the Sang-soo Gumbup of Haidong Gumdo, it’s obvious that the fencing is in multiple directions and the positions are low, which requires tenacious movements.  The basic techniques of Haidong Gumdo is fencing, cutting, thrusting, combat and abdominal breathing exercises and is the background that formed Kokuryo’s Samurang becoming Kokuryo most powerful martial art and history.

Therefore, one of the special features of Haidong Gumdo is not the simplicity of Japanese Kendo not the magnificence of Chinese Kung-Fu. It takes pride in being the most realistic sword art. For ancient Kokuryo to stand 700 years whilst China went through the Han dynasty to the Dang dynasty and the rise and fall of many countries and be renown as a country of Dongijock ( People in the east who are good swordsmen and Bowmen and take importance in the DO). After 2000 years of the Kokuryo dynasty, we bring back the majestic history with Haidong Gumdo.

The reason that Kokuryo boils the blood of every Korean is maybe due to the nostalgia of the large land. Every time we look at the map of the globe, we look at the eastern part of Eurasia and without knowingly, we sigh with an mixed emotion of pity. Kokuryo was risen whist fighting for supremacy with Chinese nations and in that process became the leader of the north. It was the core of the fight for supremacy in eastern Asia and through the rise and fall of many dynasties, it was the leading nation. Like this, we have great affection for Kokuryo but we have little knowledge to fill our affection.

Thus, as descendents of Great Kokuryo that ruled over the north for 700 years, We hope to inherit this will of the ancient Samurang and teach the world the spirit of Kokuryo through Haidong Gumdo.


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